Pastry Case

Something that sets us apart is our homemade baked goods selection. Our pies, pastries and cakes are truly inspired by goodness and as a bonus, are named after family members.
Cinnamon Rolls    $3.00     

Cinnamon Pull apart /Bread Loaves         $6.00

Blueberry/ Marion berry Muffins     $2.25

Cherry/ Apple/ Raspberry Turnovers    $2.75

 Cream Cheese Danish    $2.75

Croissants     $ 2.50

Chocolate Filled Croissants (Ganache chocolate) $ 3.50



Everybody’s Favorite Chocolate Chip     $1.50

Rejeana’s Favorite Snicker doodle     $1.50

Peanut Butter       $1.50

O.M.Goodness!    $1.50

Will’s Favorite Ginger Molasses  $1.50

Order any of our pies, baked goods or cakes for gifts, catering or desert by calling (360) 379-3355 (preferably 48hrs in advance).